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Who am I?

This is my first post in this blog. I hope I have discipline to keep updating regularly about my life and problems.
I am student living in Germany and I am from Brazil. I love to travel around the world and the feeling to be somewhere I never been before. I mostly travel in the budget and rarely do any guided tour (if I do its because probably would worth it).
I started travelling in my exchange year in Rome and never stopped since then. So far I collect 18 Countries and more than 40 Cities around the Globe.I hope I am able to go further and finally travel to Asia and Africa before my 30's. 


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Malta in one week:Discovery Malta Islands

Malta is a small country in the feet of Italy. It’s composed of the Islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Comino is the smallest but its famous because of Blue Lagoon, crystal clear waters and amazing Views. Every shot there is just perfect  and it was location if a movie with the same name.
Gozo were famous for the Blue Window. An Ancient stone formations that seems like a Window and were used as location for some Game of Thrones scenes along with the small city of Mdina. Unfortunately in begin of March this year the Blue Window collapsed. Still there are so much things to do in Malta. I stayed in 3 stars Hotel in Sliema. There are not much to see in Sliema. The bay view are  Is not so far from the main city of Valetta and you can take either a bus or a ferry to across the sea to reach the city. Once there you need to walk along the narrows streets to reach the city center. From Valetta you  can visit the Marsashlok Market where is possible to see the Fisherboats and enjoy local cuisi…

3 days trip to Prague

I went in 3 day weekend Trip with my friend to Prague last year. I was really exited because I hear so much about how Cool the city was, nice place to go hard partying and also was pretty cheaper than other EU-Cities. So I embraced this Idea, booked an Airbnb room that seem quite nice Quartier. Later to find out it was indeed near the Center but access were quite demanding of physical conditions (up and down hill every day). 

Old Town (Stare Mesto) - Its the most popular area. There are many shops, restaurantes and its near Charles bridge that is really a must-see in the city. I would totally recommend to go afternoon and stay nearby to see the sunset. 

Prague Castle - It's huge and you need a lot of time to walk all around. I would recommend to start a day going to the Castle and later of the day finishing at Old Town to see the sunset, have a beer nearby or Dinner. Some people hired segways to move faster and dont get tired.

John Lehnnon Wall - Its quite small actually and its a …