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5 Things to do in...Brussels

The Belgium's capital is not the first to be remembered when planning a Eurotrip, but the city surely has her Charm and is a good option for a 3-days-only trip. It is known for the European Parlament where most important politicals decisions are made, amazing beer and diverse Restaurants and stores.  Brussels is really multicultural.

 1: Visit Atomium and it surroundings

I never saw something similar to Atomium until now. It may seem not a big deal compared to Eiffel Tower in Paris or Colosseo in Rome, but think about it, there is  like 8 giant metal balls there in the middle of the city. its really huge. At night its all brightened  with some colorfuls lights. In the area nearby there is some parks and the mini Europe, a park with miniature from the main european  cities and monuments, a Castle and it gardens and on.

2: See the Sacré  Couer Church at Night

or visit the inside chapel to have a city view.

3: Eat a lot of French (or may say belgic) Fries, Beer and Waffels with different toppings

 Believe me, those calories are totally worth it.

4. Visit the Justice Palace 

Its a big building, realy nice inside and best thing: its free to visitations and few meters from there you can enjoy a amazing top view from the city, then  you  J a Lift to city that brings you down back and you can walk back to the center. I spend almost 2 hours there exploring the building and make tons of pics

5. See if Mannekenpis are using any clothes.

Normally he is naked. But if you go in specific days like Christmas, Easter or any national Holiday he may be using appropriate clothes. Its really fun thing to do there because its not a big estatue or anything. its so small that make the scene ridiculous to be there with other 100 tourists trying to make a good picture of it. Last time,I went there here were naked, but just other day he had a easter costume. So cute.


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